What are Wayuu bags?

These colorful bags are uprising in the States and are now making their way to Europe with the help of Piyulu. These bags are being made by the Indian Wayuu Tribe who are living in the most northern point of Colombia in a region called La Giuajia. These inhabitants live in total disclosure from the outside world. Only a few people outside of their community are welcome to the tribe. Since they have no electricity they live in basic conditions.

The Wayuu tribe wants to be as close to mother earth as possible. That is why they choose not to participate in our modern society. In order to make a living for the tribe they make these bags from natural elements Mother Earth provides..

These bags are they main income for the Tribe and are 100% handmade by inhabitants of the Tribe. The bright colors are made of all natural elements they find in their region such as dirt, plants, fruits, nuts and even insects.

This together with a unique pattern makes these bags a must have for anyone who wants to stand out.