What makes Piyulu bags unique?

Wayuu bags are making their way into the European market after several years of reaching out to the States and Latin America. You will find all kinds of places where they sell bags under the name of the Wayuu tribe. But what makes our Piyulu bags different from others? First of all we need to check whether these bags are really made in the region of La Guajira, Colombia. It is here where the Wayuu Tribe lives and where they make the authentic Wayuu bags. You can make a Wayuu bag yourself at home, but these are not original since they don't use the right strings, colors and foremost: design.

When you look at the bottom of the bag you will see a beautiful pattern appear. This is the signature of the woman who made this bag and is therefor unique!

Secondly there is the colors and the design itself. You'll find a lot of bags under the name of Wayuu where they use two colors with a basic pattern. These can be made within the Wayuu tribe but are in terms of quality and looks a lot less appealing. Piyulu bags are made with just 1 string which makes the making of the bag more difficult and therefor needs more time to make. Did you know it takes several weeks to make a Piyulu bag? Using all natural ingredients to make these beautiful colors, guaranteeing 100% handmade designs with the best quality is what Piyulu stands for. Straight from La Guajira, almost in your hands ;)